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Ecuadorian Couple Sets Guinness World Record By Becoming World’s Oldest Married Couple

Ecuadorian couple becomes the world's oldest married couple. Julio Mora decided to marry his love Waldramina Quinteros, nearly 80 years ago in the year 1941.

Ecuadorian couple

Julio Mora and Waldramina Quinteros have become the world's oldest living married couple. Julio Mora was born on March 10,1910, while Waldramina was born on October 16,1915. Both of them are Ecuadorian. Reports by AP suggest that they are together even after 79 years and that makes them the world’s oldest married couple. Julio Mora is aged 110 and his lovely wife is aged 104 years. They are both happy together. However, they miss their big family get-togethers due to the pandemic.

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The 'oldest married' couple

According to the reports, the couple got married on February 7, 1941. The couple also received a Guiness Book of World Records certification for longest marriage. However, previously, the couple held the record for being the oldest couple belonging to Austin, Texas. The couple reportedly has 4 children, 11 grandchildren, 21 great grandchildren and a great great grandchild. Their daughter Cecilia was quoted by AP saying, “for a month they have been different, more downcast because they miss large family gatherings”. She added, “Since March, we have not had any of that. My parents need family contact”. 

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Talking about her father, Cecilia told AP that he enjoys watching television and drinking milk. However, her mother, Waldramina Quinteros is fond of desserts and loves to read the newspaper every morning. According to reports, the couple said that family unity with love, mutual respect, honest work, and proper education based on family values are few essentials to a healthy coexistence.

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