Egypt: Archaeological Industrial Zone Found In 'Valley Of The Monkeys'

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Egypt's Ministry of Antiquities has reported the discovery of two archaeological sites that included an industrial region of the era of Egyptian monarchs

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Egypt Archaeologists find Industrial Zone in 'Valley of the Monkeys'

The Ministry of Antiquities, Egypt, which has long been working in the valley of Luxor reported the discovery of two archaeological sites. The two archaeological sites also included an industrial region of the era of Egyptian monarchs located at the southern city’s West Valley which is famously known as the Valley of the Monkeys. The archaeologists have made several discoveries in the past. A statement released by the Ministry of Antiquities revealed the findings which included 30 workshops belonging to the industrial area.

New findings at the Luxor Valley

The statement read that the valley consisted of houses used for storage purposes and also cleaning of the funerary furniture with many potteries dated to Dynasty 18. The statement came from Zahi Hawass who is a famous archaeologist and lead the team of excavation. He also said that since 2017 the team has been working in the Valley of Monkeys. The Valley is located at the banks of the Nile. Several discoveries in and around the area have provided a new perspective to the archaeologists and more insight into the history of Egypt.

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Tools and tank used by the workers 

Apart from the several tools, the industrial area also had a deep cut and a water storage tank that the workers used. The historians also found a scarab ring, along with several colourful beads and golden objects that were used to beautify and decorate the coffins of mummies. Another set of inlays were also found which were called as the wings of Horus.

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Discovered a tomb in the Valley of the Kings 

Later the archaeologists were able to discover a tomb in the East Valley of Luxor which is also commonly known as the Valley of Kings, there the findings reveal the discovery of a tool used to construct a royal tomb as told by Hawass to international agency. The Valley is known for its famous royal tombs. Especially the discovery of the coffin of Tutankhamun, and the relics will soon be put on display for the public. These discoveries are the latest which will help the Egyptian tourist business to flourish that has lately been affected due to political instability. 

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