Erdogan Says US Is Not Fulfilling Its Syria Agreement Ahead Of Talks

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Turkey's President, Tayyip Erdogan, stated that the US was failing to fulfill its promise to remove a Kurdish Militant group from the Syrian border area

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Turkey's President, Tayyip Erdogan, stated that the United States of America was failing to fulfil its promise to remove a Kurdish Militant group from the Syrian Border area and added that he would certainly bring up the issue with US President Donald Trump when he meets in a few days.

After Turkey had launched its military action in the northern part of Syria against the Kurdish YPG fighters and after it took control of the 120 km wide area, it formulated a deal with the US to keep the "terrorists" out of the area. According to reports, Erdogan will discuss the terms of how the agreement will be enacted with Trump in the capital city of Washington on November 13. 

Officials representing Turkey had previously stated that their President might cancel his meeting with Trump in Washington DC in protest of the US house of representatives acknowledging the 1915 Armenian mass killings as genocides and to seek sanctions on Turkey.

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Turkey's deal with Russia

After Turkey reached a deal with Washington, they also reached an agreement with Russia to remove the YPG to a total of 30 km along the northeastern border that Syria shares with Turkey. Although, Tayyip stated that the deal with Russia had not been fulfilled with the Kurdish YPG fighters still fighting in areas near the border and added that he would speak to Russian President, Vladimir Putin regarding the ongoing issue. 

On November 6, a senior US diplomat stated that there had been violent altercations in an area that was southeast of Syria's town of Ras al-AIN. The official added that the YPG and all the armed forces have backed off from a majority of the area.

Turkey's military action against Syria

30 have been left dead due to violent clashes in Syria between Turkish-backed rebels and Kurdish militia. According to reports, the intensity of the battle Kurdish militants and the rebels increased on the outskirts of Ayn Issa in the northern part of the Raqqa province alongside airstrikes and shelling by the rebels against the Kurdish militants of the SDF (Syrian Democratic forces).

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According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, 305 Syrian Democratic Forces fighters, 24 Syrian government officials and 353 Turkey-backed rebels have been killed since Turkey started its large scale military actions in the northern part of Syria. Turkey began its attack against the SDF and the Kurdish People's Protection Units also known as the YPG as the capital city of Ankara branded the militants as terrorists and separatists. 

A few deals have been agreed in order to stop the assaults in Syria with the help of Russia's mediation. Although, Turkey recently stated that the SDF militants had not withdrawn their presence from a few areas that were near the Turkish border.

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