Europol Releases New Campaign Targeting Most Wanted Women Of Europe

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Europe's policing agency Europol has released the latest campaign called 'Crime has no gender' to catch the most wanted criminals which include several women.

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The policing agency of Europe, Europol, has released the latest campaign to catch the most wanted criminals including the fugitive women of the continent. The campaign by the agency is called 'crime has no gender' and it is also posted on the new website of Europol. Along with the list, they stated that the crimes committed by these women were as big as those by men. On the website, they have revealed the faces of these fugitives along with their crimes mentioned and the country names where they are most wanted. Out of the 21 faces which are revealed over there, 18 are females. 

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As big as any crime by men

Europol spokeswoman Tine Hollevoet while speaking to foreign media said that people generally have a perception that such big crimes are not committed by women, however, they are and it is as big as any other crime carried out by men. There are various categories of charges on these suspects such as murder, human and drug trafficking and fraud. The campaign is interactive in nature and it shows the suspects at first behind a funky mask. When somebody goes on to read the complete story of their crime, the faces of these accused are revealed. The spokeswoman said that the user needs to scroll down while reading about the suspect following which at last the face of the convict is unveiled and also the gender. She further added that the idea behind this interactive campaign is to attract a large number of viewers so that as many as possible people see their faces and it becomes easier to catch these wanted fugitives. 

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Details of fugitives on website

A female fugitive named Iveta Tancošová is most wanted in the Czech Republic because of her involvement in trafficking in human beings. She has been sentenced to 7.5 years in prison and is currently on the run. France, on the other hand, is looking for Jessica Esohe Edosomwan who is a Nigerian citizen but is on the run since the year 2017. She is most wanted in France for trafficking in human beings. Another suspect from Hungary Ildiko Dudas is most wanted for involvement in drug trafficking and child abuse. The website has the details of the crimes of all these fugitives where it is also asking the visitors to help them track these people if they have any information. The Europol on October 17 also tweeted a link to the new campaign which is on their website. 

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