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France Records At Least 70 New COVID-19 Cases Linked To Schools: Reports

France recorded over 70 new coronavirus cases linked to schools after reopening a week ago, according to reports. Affected schools have been shut immediately.


France recorded at least 70 new coronavirus cases linked to schools after reopening a week ago, according to reports. France last week announced the re-opening of some schools allowing over 1,50,000 junior high students to return to their classrooms after two months of strict shutdown. French Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer on May 18 during a Radio program sounded the alarm saying that the reopening of schools has put children under the risk of contamination. 

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Blanquer said that the affected schools have been immediately shut after reports of virus contraction emerged. As media reports, seven schools in northern France have been asked to shut down due to new cases. Blanquer, however, did not confirm whether the new cases were among the students or the teachers. According to reports, France reopened around 40,000 schools as the restrictions in the country eased following a low infection rate. According to Blanquer, 30 per cent of pupils returned to school after the reopening that also requires authorities to keep the classes capped at 15 students. 

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French PM issues new guidelines

French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe issued new guidelines outlining how the country will move ahead in the coming months. Philippe issued guidance on the testing and isolation of the sick, wearing masks, and public gatherings. Philippe said it will be mandatory for people to wear masks in public places or travelling in public transport or taxis. Philippe said businesses will be allowed to reopen but restaurants, cafes, and beaches will remain closed until at least June. 

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