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French Surfer Survives Shark Attack In Australia With Only Minor Leg Injuries

French surfer Nacass reportedly said that he punched the fish one time, but the shark had clutched his legs. He did not give up the league and survived.

French Surfer

In a narrow-escape, a French surfer in Australia reportedly survived an attack by a shark and received only minor leg injury after punching the shark twice, a local media reported. Dylan Nacass, aged 23, was surfing at the Bells Beach when he was traced and attacked by a shark. 

According to reports, about 1.5 hours from Melbourne, while Nacass was swimming in the deep-sea water, a shark followed him. Upon noticing the predatory creature, he tried to surf as fast as he could, however, the shark latched on to Nacass’ leg. He then punched the giant fish twice until he was released from its jaws and swam to safety, thus saving his life. Nacass reportedly said that he punched the fish one time, but the shark had clutched his legs. He did not give up the league and punched the creature twice, he added. A Local man named Matt Sedunary rushed to the site to save the French man when he noticed his struggle. 

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Highest shark attacks in Australia

Sedunary reportedly said that Nacass had started screaming. He said that he honestly thought that Nacass was perhaps joking around with his friends, adding that when he realized, he was in danger, he wasn't going to ditch him. Further, Sedunary added that most people in his place would have done the same thing as the man would have been devoured by the shark if he did not act bravely. An Australian man, Graham Blade, who was filming from a nearby lookout at the world-famous surf break was quoted as saying, he actually saw the deadly shark pop up behind Nacass and knew it was real. 

As of 2020, Australia has been listed as the country which has one of the world's highest incidences of shark attacks, fatalities, however, have been rare, according to data from Sydney's Taronga Zoo, as per reports. As many as 27 attacks have been recorded last year. Despite the brutal attack, Nacass was quoted as saying that he would return to the sea soon when his leg recovered from the injury.  

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