Germany Approves Climate Measures That Are Seen As 'weak' By Activists

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Germany has approved of measures to cut down greenhouse gas emissions. However, activists are not satisfied as they feel it's not strict enough to meet goals.

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Germany on Wednesday has approved of measures to cut down greenhouse gas emissions, obstructing Chancellor Angela Merkel to pass climate legislation this year. The move by Merkel had been condemned by the Climate activists and industry groups who feel that it is really weak and will not be able to achieve the country's goal of no emissions by 2050. Tuesday's cabinet decision comes as a comfort to the Chancellor since her coalition of conservatives and social democrats went through major losses at the time to regional elections. The coalition has also been drawn by disputes over pension and tax reforms. 

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Authorities to monitor who's following the climate measures

Recently Merkel said that climate package would have methods to monitor compliance along with a limit to emissions. It allows authorities to keep a check on what sections of the economy are following required measures to reach the aim of minimum emissions and to have flexible targets depending on the progress. The activists and industry groups, however, are not satisfied with the measures since they feel that it's not strict enough to meet the goal of emission reduction. The Environment Minister Svenja Schulze said in a press conference that as for now all the ministries and environment ministries. He added that there was a time when the environment minister had to rush here and there to ask for compliance which has now ended. 

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Activists in London block road

The climate protests have hit European nations. Hundreds of climate activists camped out in central London on the morning of October 8 which was also the second day of global protests by the Extinction Rebellion movement demanding urgent actions to tackle global warming. While the police asked the protesters to move to Trafalgar square in order to keep the streets clear, the activists located themselves at the Department of Transport of the British government. In the different parts of the world, including Australian cities, other areas of Europe also witnessed the second day of global protesters. Britain's Prime Minister, Boris Johnson appealed the protesters on October 7 to not create hinderance on London roads. He further called the activists “uncooperative cruties” who should also abandon their “hemp-smelling bivouacs”.

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