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Germany: Fewer Than 1,000 Patients On Ventilators As Coronavirus Cases Reach 174,098

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, Germany has recently revealed that it has fewer than 1,000 patients that are now on ventilators and 1,353 in intensive care.

Germany: Only 924 people on ventilators, 1,353 in intensive care

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, Germany has recently revealed that it has fewer than 1,000 patients that are now on ventilators. According to reports, Germany’s Interdisciplinary Association for Intensive and Emergency Medicine has said that while 1,353 coronavirus patients were admitted in intensive care beds, around 924 are on ventilators.

As per reports, the maintenance to a sufficient amount of intensive care capacities has been the bedrock of Germany’s fight against the deadly coronavirus. Germany currently has 32,466 intensive care beds that are solely for treating COVID-19 patients. Germany has reported a total of 174,098 positive coronavirus cases and the death toll stands at almost 8,000.

Coronavirus field hospital

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, Germany has officially opened an emergency field hospital for COVID-19 patients in the German Capital. According to reports, there are no patients in the hospital yet. The hospital opened on May 11 and has a capacity of 500 beds which can be doubled if required. Germany has reported 171,879 positive coronavirus cases with a death toll of 7,569.

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As per reports, construction of the hospital began 4 weeks ago and since then Germany has managed to sharply reduce the number of new cases in Belin. Berlin’s 50 hospitals have proven to be more than enough.  Berlin’s top health official, Dilek Kalayci, has reported that the hospital will serve as a ‘reserve hospital, he added that Germany is learning from the experience of countries like Spain, Italy and United States, meaning that even well-equipped medical systems could become overloaded in a pandemic.

Easing lockdown

The coronavirus infection rate in Germany has reportedly surged as per the official data, just days after the country eased its lockdown measures. As of May 11, Germany recorded its infection rate percentage above 1 wherein the COVID-19 positive transmitted the disease to more than one person, according to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI). Chancellor Angela Merkel was pushed to the brink as the spread accelerated due to the widespread ease of lockdown restrictions that came into effect after discussions with the leaders of 16 states in Germany.

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Germany achieved the goal of slowing the spread of the virus because the citizens behaved responsibly and saved the lives of others, Merkel was quoted as saying while speaking at the press conference. She, however, had warned that the very first phase of the pandemic was over, but it was the overall beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, and there was a possibility of a resurgence, she had added.

With the seventh-highest number of coronavirus cases globally, Germany reopened businesses. Further, the country announced that it would gradually return to resuming schools and the Bundesliga - Germany's top football league – over the next weekend, local media reports confirmed.

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