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US Youth Pretends To Be Airport Janitor To Sneak Into Germany To Meet Girlfriend

The US youth tried dressing up as a cleaner to deceive the coronavirus border controls in Germany so he could see his girlfriend, German police said.


In a shocking incident, a US boy posed as a janitor at the airport to sneak into Germany in order to meet his girlfriend, a news agency reported. The 20-year-old US national took a flight from Washington to Germany and disembarked at Frankfurt airport. Upon entering the airport premises, he posed as a janitor to get past the airport security checkpoint but got caught and was repatriated. 

The American youth tried dressing up as a cleaner to deceive the coronavirus border controls in Germany so he could see his girlfriend, German police said in a statement. Not just that, he donned a high-visibility vest and picked up two bags of garbage to make it look real, the police added. Border security officials grew suspicious after he made constant attempts to try empty the bins behind the security area, which, he was refused. Further, he kept trying to convince security staff when a staff member suddenly noticed that he was not wearing a security pass and was unable to speak the German language, the police were reported as saying. 

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 Romance-struck youth repatriated

The boy was desperate to see his girlfriend, an official in the Police department told a leading UK media outlet. He confessed at a police station that he couldn't think of any other way to enter the country and meet with the love of his life. But, if even he had managed to reach the bins, past the security, the man would still have been in the airport's transit area, police reportedly said. Meaning, he would still have faced more border controls and would have been caught eventually, the official was quoted as saying.  

After prolonged questioning, establishing identity, and further investigation, the police sent the boy back to the US, according to reports. Amid concerns of fresh clusters, health authorities in Germany tightened the airport security and health screening as cases of the deadly coronavirus, in less than a week of easing restrictions, surged threefold, as per local media reports. Merkel was on the brink and was quoted as saying at a press conference that the coronavirus could have a fresh wave of the outbreak as lockdown measures eased. Also, she warned that if the rate rises above 1, the country's health system would be overwhelmed and might collapse.   

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