Giant Python Falls Through Spa's Ceiling In China After Living There For 10 Yrs

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In an unusual incident in Chancheng District of Foshan, China, a 42-pound python fell through the ceiling of a parlor after allegedly living there for a decade.

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Giant Python

In an unusual incident in China, a 42-pound python fell through the ceiling of a spa after allegedly living there for a decade. According to reports, the incident took place in the Chancheng District of Foshan, southern China's Guandong Province where the snake fell through the plasterboard of the ceiling. 

Hidden Guest

The owner of the spa said that he had hired people to catch the snake but the men failed and the police had to be called in. A police official, Chen Chang, said that the team called in to catch the snake spent about 5 minutes to capture the 13 feet reptile. 
Chang further added that he and his team switched off the lights and put a big piece of cloth on the snake before holding it down. He also said that one of the officers had to grab the head of the Python while the rest of the team held it and put in a sack.

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According to reports, the Spa employee was on an inspection round when he found the python slithering on the floor. It was said that the snake had been previously been spotted by the employees and three years ago by the construction workers while renovating the complex. The owner of the spa said that he had heard of a rumor about a snake living in the ceiling about a decade ago.

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Two contradicting statements

According to an expert, the age of the reptile was not clear but a few species of the python lived for more than 25 years of age. The expert further added that the snake survived for almost a decade by eating rats. 

A keeper at the Foshan Wild Animal Protection Centre, Qiao, said that it is highly unlikely that the snake lived in the ceiling for so long and might come out a few times during the past decade. Also, no injuries were reported and the python was sent to the Zhongshan Zoo, Xiamen, China.

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