Karnataka: Visitors Spot Snakeskin With 7 Heads, Picture Goes Viral

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A snakeskin which has seven heads has been discovered at temple premises in the Marigowdana Doddi village in Kanakpura after which visitors rush to see it.

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A snakeskin, which has seven heads has been discovered in the Marigowdana Doddi village in Kanakpura, according to media reports. The village is situated around 60 km from the Karnataka's capital city Bengaluru. A lot of people have started visiting the place where the snake's skin was found which according to their belief is of a Seven-headed serpent. According to the locals of that area, the skin was discovered was found next to a temple six months ago. The temple angle grabbed the interest of the public as they considered it to be a miracle. People who went to the site to see the skin offered it 'kumkum' and 'haldi' which are considered auspicious for Hindu rituals. 

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Videos of snakeskin went viral

A video appeared online and went viral where one can see different pictures of the snakeskin and the snake itself. Few pictures showed the snakeskin having offerings of flowers, turmeric and the auspicious red powder. A villager while speaking to the media said that they thought the place had exceptional powers so they built a temple over there and now the skin of a seven-headed snake has been discovered in the area nearby. A temple worker was cleaning the premises when the skin was spotted. The area is just 10 feet away from the main temple. 

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Snake Experts deny the existence of such snakes

Snake experts have ridiculed existence of any such creature having seven heads. They have reportedly said that in the world there is no record of any such snake with so many heads. The maximum one could ever find was a snake with two heads, which is also rare. The way human beings have conjoined twins, some snakes have two heads. The process of a snake or any other reptile shedding its skin is called ecdysis. They do this to remove any parasite that might have grown on their skin. They go through the process of shedding their old skin every now and then. 

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