Goose Smashes Through Taxi Window In Virginia, Police Called

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After a goose smashes through taxi window in Virginia, police was called. The Radford Road Police joked in their tweet that it ws going to Nottingham Goose Fair

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After receiving a call, Virginia Poice has reportedly found a goose flying into a car in Nottinghamshire. The Police said that it initially sounded like a wild goose chase when they received the call. But they really did find the bird in the back of a taxi after it smashed through its window. The incident reportedly happened in the Radford area, a few miles from Nottingham. Radford Police's post mentioned that it flew over the radio. Following the incident, the goose was reportedly taken to a local vet, while the taxi driver had to repair the damage to his vehicle.

"When a colleague asked if a call had been received about a goose flying into a taxi over the radio, we had to see it to believe it," Radford Road Police said, in a post on Twitter. 

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Police said that goose hoped in to go to Nottingham Goose Fair

The local police further joked that the goose might be heading to the Nottingham Goose Fair, an annual event that takes place in the area in the first week of October.  The event mentioned by the Police is held at the Forest Recreation Ground in Nottingham, England, during the first week of October. Largely provided by travelling showmen, it is one of three established fairs in Britain to carry the name, the others being the smaller Goosey Fair in Tavistock, Devon, and the even smaller Michaelmas Goose Fayre in Colyford, East Devon. Although it is now known for its fairground rides and attractions, the fair started as a livestock and trade event, with an excellent reputation for its excellent cheese. The name "Goose Fair" is derived from the thousands of geese that were driven from the Lincolnshire fens in the East of England to be sold in Nottingham at the fair every year.

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Netizens hilarious reactions to the incident

Netizens have reacted hilariously to the incident. One of the twitter users talked about the insurance claim of the car's damage saying: "Would love to be there when the taxi driver tries explaining that to his insurance company!". Another user said: "The goose would have paid if you put it on his bill....#dadjoke". Talking about further on fines, a user said: "£50 fee for soiling". A fourth user said: "Just shows how strong they are, a goose with tude".

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