Homeowner Finds 6-foot Boa Constrictor Snake Slithering Near Living Room Couch

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Homeowner made an emergency call to Rose Hill police officers who sought assistance from Butler County firefighters in Kansas to capture the nonvenomous snake.

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A resident in Rose Hill, a town about 20 miles southeast of Wichita, Kansas reportedly found 6-Foot Boa Constrictor hidden in the living room. According to the reports, the Butler County firefighters in Kansas responded to an emergency call by the Rose Hill police officers who discovered a humungous snake slithering underneath a man’s living room couch, they said that they required emergency assistance for an “unusual” situation.

Melvin Linot, the Deputy Fire Chief, who is also the fire department’s snake charmer, captured the snake with the help of his colleague from its hiding place and the department has since been on the lookout for the owner, suggest reports.

The nonvenomous reptile identified as the 6-foot long Boa Constrictor snake, a reptile typical to Central and South America, was assumed by the officers a pet to one of the neighbouring homes that had gone missing, as per reports.

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Boa Constrictor can strike if they perceive a threat

A week ago, a Liverpool woman rendered the Merseyside police officers shocked and speechless when she had found an 8ft Boa Constrictor resting in her bathroom. The police were reportedly summoned by a similar nature of emergency call by the woman to a flat in Birkenhead, Wirral, and much to their astonishment, they had stumbled upon an eight-foot-long boa constrictor slithering across her sink and the bath.

The constable to the Merseyside police, Constable Eastwood had confirmed the snake to be a Boa Constrictor of a similar type, a heavy-bodied non-venomous snake found in tropical Central and South America, which was a cousin to anaconda.

He had told the media that these reptiles weighed 100 pounds or more, grew up to 13ft long and could strike if they perceived a threat. The police had put the reptile into a large, safe container, and planned arrangements to house the snake temporarily at a local rescue facility.

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