Honduras, Cuba To Sign Deal On Deporting Some Cuban Migrants

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Honduras President Hernandez said that he will sign an agreement with Cuba for deportation of Cubans who illegally entered Cuba while migrating to the US

Written By Avantika Shukla | Mumbai | Updated On:

As per reports, Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez on September 22 said that Honduras will sign an agreement with Cuba for the deportation of Cubans who illegally entered the country while migrating to the United States. The statement by the Honduran President comes as the US puts pressure on the Central American countries and Mexico to restrict the illegal migrants from reaching the US southern border.

Hernandez while speaking on local media on television said Cuba and Honduras are about to sign the agreement that stated if an illegal migrant came in from Cuba, then he or she will be sent back to the country immediately. On September 21, the US and Honduras in a joint statement said that the two are talking over how to increase temporary legal employment opportunities for the Honduras people in America as they signed an immigration agreement. As per the joint statement, the two nations are due to continue discussions this week. 

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53 illegal immigrants arrested in Texas

Recently, the US Border Patrol reported that they found 53 migrants, illegally entering the country at a checkpoint in Texas. The 53 people were hiding in the back of a suffocating vehicle. They revealed on September 20 that the migrants were found on September 17, while the truck where they were in was stopped for search by the forces. The migrants belonged to countries like Mexico, Honduras, Ecuador, Guatemala, El Salvador. The truck driver was a US citizen who got arrested along with the illegal immigrants. The forces claimed that the temperature of the tractor-trailer was around 105 degrees celsius. The people had a medical check-up and were declared fit. 

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Texas governor previously called his letter on illegal immigration a mistake

In August 2019, the Texas governor Greg Abbott said that mistakes were made when he sent a fundraising mailer that called on supporters to protect their state Texas from illegal immigration. It was dated a day before a gunman who intended to target Mexicans, shot down over 22 people in El Paso. The Texas Democratic party slammed the letter and called it racist ever since it surfaced.

The Texas governor faced more criticism from El Paso lawmakers for a tweet that said that the liberals on US Supreme Court have required Texas to pay the expenses for schooling the students who have migrated to the US illegally. The tweet was termed as dangerous after the August 3rd mass shooting at a Walmart. The officials said that the attack was by the gunman who also posted a racist rant online which was against the migrants residing in the US. Greg Abbott addressed the letter publicly leading a meeting in El Paso with the lawmakers, families of the victims and activists.

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