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Hong Kong: Protesters Witness Bottle-flip Moment At MTR Station

Written By Divyam Jain | Mumbai | Published:


  • Protests in Hong Kong witnessed a fun moment when an old man bottle-flipped and crowd started cheering him
  • The unidentified bottle-flipper then walked towards the police, who after talking with the man started walked away from the protest site amidst crowd cheering him on

While Hong Kong is raging with protests, seemingly without an end in sight, there is a moment which has gone viral, when a man flipped a bottle and the crowd can be seen cheering him on as he walked towards the riot police. The incident occurred on September 7, last Saturday at the same Mass Transit Railway station where an incident of vandalism had occurred earlier. The video of the incident has gone viral and is being circulated widely on social media networking sites with many hailing him as a hero.                                                             

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What is in the video?

The video shows an old man and a young man sitting and as soon as the old man flipped the bottle the crowd that was waiting started to cheer. Protesters can be seen interacting with the man by shaking hands. The man later can be seen walking to up to the riot police authorities and after talking with the bottle-flipper, police started to walk away to the humongous cheer of the crowd. The incident happened at the Tung Chung Metro station of Hong Kong city. According to reports, Police closed the station on last Saturday after hundreds of residents mobbed the station for what protesters. Police closed the station last Saturday after hundreds of residents thronged it for what protesters refer to as a "stress test" of road and rail links in the city. The same station was closed a week earlier after protesters smashed ticket vending machines and ticket booths.

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Netizens are all praise for the bottle-flipping man

According to reports, Hong Kong protesters took to the Internet to shower praise and sharing the video over 4,000 times on Facebook. Comments on social media say the uncle who chased away the officers, even though it was not clear as to why police moved away from the scene. The video on YouTube also had hilarious reactions when a user commented "All conflicts should be settled like this. Flip a coin or a bottle." "Police be like: okay boys lets move out, they passed our test." said another user.

YouTube comments

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