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WATCH: Hungry Leopard Steals Food From The Jaws Of A Huge Crocodile

A video has surfaced on the internet which shows a hungry leopard risking its life to steal food from the jaws of a huge crocodile, captured at Zambia.


A video has surfaced on the internet which shows a hungry leopard risking its life to steal food from the jaws of a huge crocodile. The iconic moment was captured at the South Luangwa National Park in Zambia during the night by wildlife filmmaker Nicole Dangoor near the Mufuwe Lodge. Through the video, the wild cat can be seen approaching near the crocodile which appears to be asleep on a grassy patch with some antelope meat inside its mouth. The leopard can be seen lightly hitting the crocodile with its paws at the antelope meat clenched inside the crocodile's teeth.

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Leopard paws the crocodile: Watch

Simultaneously, the crocodile opens its eyes and remains silent. After a few seconds of pawing the leopard manages to pull out a piece of meat from between the reptile's teeth. As the cat grabs the meat from the crocodile's mouth,  the crocodile opens its eyes but does not make any violent movements. At the end of the video, the leopard can be seen walking around with a huge chunk of meat in its mouth. The wildlife filmmaker, Dangoor said he was scared for the leopard as he was almost inside the crocodile's mouth.

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The filmmaker added that the leopard was almost nearer to the crocodile's mouth but it was very careful. At the end, the leopard managed to grab a piece of the and walks away. He added that the leopard took risk to grab the meat from the crocodile's mouth as it was scared of the crocodile. 

Users react over the video

The Bushcamp Company shared the video on YouTube with a caption, "This leopard knows what it wants, and doesn't hesitate to brazenly take food right out of a croc's mouth!". Reacting to it, a user wrote, "Amazing, nature is full of surprises." The second user wrote, "Oh my!!!! Amazing footage Nicole". The third user wrote, "Wow! Amazing sighting! Thanks for sharing!". Another user wrote, "Brave". Another user added, "I got scared for the animal".

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