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Instagram Post Of Passenger Sleeping Under Flight Seat Breaks Internet

Written By Tanima Ray | Mumbai | Published:


  • A Instagram photo of a passenger sleeping under the seats on a plane has gone viral
  • Since it's been posted, the photo has amassed┬áhundreds of reactions and counting
  • Instagrammers have mixed reactions to the p

A photo posted on Instagram on September 9 of a passenger sleeping under the seats on a plane as if they were hiding under the bed has broken the internet. Sure, it's true that long flight journeys can be tiring. Sitting on a seat for that long is definitely torture. But sleeping under the seats? That's a riot!

Since it's been posted, the photo has amassed hundreds of reactions and counting. Many have even shared the pic with others. While some are surprised after seeing the picture, the others find it impressive.

“Thoughts on how this even happened?” says the caption of the post.

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The photo goes viral

At first glance, the photograph looks like an ordinary one of two empty aisle seats on an aircraft. It's only when someone takes a closer look, would they realize that there’s a person who's somehow managed to crawl underneath and sleep under the seats across three rows. And that's the very reason why Instagram is flooded with reactions.

By now the post has over 9700 likes and more than 400 comments. Some users have questioned the passenger's etiquette. Some are bewildered at the idea. Few others can't believe it. And finally, of course, there are those who would actually like to try it.

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Netizens amazed by the Instagram post

Calling the passenger crazy a user named mixonayers said, "This is so nuts". Another user darrenshyang made fun of it and said, "Finally a lie flat economy seat".

Finding the act visionary, jxrphoto wrote: "Damn I never even considered this. Visionary".

Instagram user megahanisawesome wondered, "how people get away with this stuff?? I can barely undo my seat buckle without notice". Likewise, jessieraeriley wrote: "I am trying to figure out what is happening to that silver bar that goes under the seat".

Despite mixed reactions to the Instagram post, it is evident that people are noticing and talking about it. 

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