Israel: Arab Parties Back Gantz To Oust Netanyahu After Re-elections

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The Arab parties of Israel are backing Former military chief Bennu Gantz in order to dethrone Benjamin Netanyahu as  the Prime Minister of the country

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The Arab parties of Israel have backed Former Military Chief Bennu Gantz in order to dethrone Benjamin Netanyahu as the Prime Minister of the country. Arab parties came third in the Israeli re-elections held last week. The Arab Joint List leader Ayman Odeh after announcing the decision explained that it was not a support for Gantz's ideology but a way to remove Netanyahu's ruling government. It is after 1992 that the Arab parties have favoured a candidate for Prime Minister. Both Benjamin Netanyahu and Benny Grantz are face-to-face and both have been working hard to form a coalition government since nobody won the majority.

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Arab parties back Grantz to dethrone Netanyahu

The longest-serving Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu has often been questioned for his political actions leading to the discrimination of Arabs in the nation. Arab parties generally stay away from recommending Prime Ministerial candidates, as they feel the top parties of Israel are biased against their population. It was reported by a foreign media that Ayman Odeh while speaking to the President of Israel Reuven Rivlin, Arabs felt like they were illegitimate in the political ladders of Israel under Netanyahu's leadership. The Arab Joint List leader endorsed the name of Benny Gantz to make the next government. An important Arab Member of Parliament Ahmad Tibi as per reports said that they will do all that it takes to overthrow the Netanyahu government.

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President willing to bring Netanyahu and Grantz together

As reported by foreign media, the efforts put by the Arab parties to oust the current PM are likely to go in vain. The Israeli President has reportedly started consulting the parties in order to decide who forms the next government. Rivlin said he believes Netanyahu and Gantz should come together to form a coalition government. There are speculations in the country that he will bring both the top candidates together to look for options suggesting a unity government featuring both left-wing and right-wing. Benjamin Netanyahu after the second elections of the year is on the verge of losing his power. He is also facing charges against him on bribery and fraud. If the charges are proven in his hearing which is scheduled next week, he will have to resign if he remains the PM. 

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