Japan: One Dead, Two Missing In Landslides Weeks After Typhoon

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One person was reportedly killed and two others were missing in landslides on October 25 as Japan was hit by heavy rainfalls weeks after a deadly typhoon

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One person died and two others went missing in landslides on October 25 as Japan was marred by heavy rainfall weeks after a deadly typhoon. The downpour struck two houses in Chiba, southeast of Tokyo due to which two women were injured and sent to the hospital immediately. The Japan Meteorological Agency has also issued a warning of heavy rains, landslides, and floods in many areas including eastern and central Japan. 

The JMA in tweet said, "As risks of disasters have already increased, please be extremely vigilant about landslides, rise in river water volumes and floods as rains will continue," 

Evacuation advisory issued

About 50,000 people in Sagamihara, a city southwest of Tokyo that was hit hard by flooding after the typhoon, are advised to evacuate. As per reports, six were killed, including a family swept away in their car, and two remain missing in the storm. Similarly, some 10,000 in Chiba prefecture, just east of Tokyo, which was battered by heavy winds from Typhoon Faxai in September are also to be evacuated. The areas reportedly remained without power for weeks before being hit by rains from Hagibis. 

Thousands are set to be evacuated from areas surrounding Tokyo on October 25 as torrential rains after Typhoon Hagibis have led to flooding and landslides in eastern Japan. Earlier, 82 people were killed due to Hagibis' destruction in central and eastern Japan with heavy rains and high winds. Besides, over a dozen are missing and 300 or more have been reported to be injured. The evacuation advisory was put into place as authorities warned of the chance of further landslides and flooding, especially in areas hit by levee breaks that have yet to be repaired even provisionally. 

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Tropical storm Bualoi causing the rain

Rainfall is predicted to move into the Tokyo area until evening and then move north. About 200 to 300 mm (8-12 inches) of rainfall is expected by evening, the Japan Meteorological Agency said. The rains occurred due to tropical storm Bualoi, which battered the Ogasawara islands south of the main Japanese archipelago on Thursday. As per Meteorological Agency, the storm is still a typhoon strength and headed out into the Pacific which might weaken to a tropical depression later on Friday. 

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