Japanese Artist Creates Mini Room Inside Power Outlet, Internet Goes Berserk

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A Japanese miniature artist has created a room inside a power outlet. The room comes with a fridge, a television, a computer connected to a wifi router.

Written By Riya Baibhawi | Mumbai | Updated On:

A miniature artist in Japan has created a secret room inside the power outlet. A video that has taken the internet by storm shows the room which comes with a fridge, a television set as well as a  computer connected to a blinking wifi router. The 33 seconds clip has got over 18k retweets and approximately 677k likes on Twitter.

Made in four months

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The miniature artwork is created by a 21-year-old artist, Mozu who has named it as “The Secret Base of Kubito.” Reportedly, it took him around four months to complete his latest masterpiece. Also, taking inspiration from real life, the artist previously had created “stairs for the dwarf” which was a miniature staircase leading up to a room.  Mozu’s work has not only left netizens amused but also given them a chance to post some hilarious comments. One user asked him about the rent adding that he was looking for a place to stay forever while another took a dig on the real estate prices and claimed that it would have cost him $1100/month if he had bought it in Toronto, Canada.  Catch all the reactions here: 

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