Man Eats KFC During Vegan Protest In Sydney, Video Sparks Outrage

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A man has escalated outrage among the vegan community after being seen eating fried chicken at an animal rights rally in Sydney. The video has gone viral.

Written By Sounak Mitra | Mumbai | Updated On:

A man has escalated outrage among the vegan community after being seen eating fried chicken at an animal rights rally. The video of the man chewing at the takeaway meal was uploaded on the social media app TikTok has gone viral. It managed to garner about 246.2K likes and captioned as, "Meat eating protest in Sydney gets a hungry visitor."

The members of the vegan activist group, Anonymous for the Voiceless, rallied at Sydney's Town Hall when the man appeared. The animal rights activists covered their faces with masks and blindfolds and were seen holding screens that showed graphic videos of animals being slaughtered. After the video was published, people around the world have reacted on social media.

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People's Reaction towards the video

A user commented, "Why do people think it’s cool to lack empathy for other lives?” Another user commented, "I'm not a vegetarian or anything but you're being childish". Many people have supported the protests. A user wrote, "I must put that on my bucket list. Eating #KFC at a #vegan protest". Another said, "Not all heroes wear capes". Another tweeted, "The bloke eating KFC is very innovative in making his own stand against Vegans protesting and trying to force their views on others. Well played that man".

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Singapore restaurants slammed

Meanwhile, a lot of restaurants in Singapore have been slammed by Animal rights groups for promoting grab-a-crab arcade styled games that let people catch their meal before they could eat it as a dish. The much-criticized game machines were seen at the House of Seafood and Jurong restaurants. The machines were criticized for causing harm and suffering to the crabs before they were killed. Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Singapore, posted on their Facebook handle that stated "Say no to live crab claw machine". In the post, the SPCA stated that the much-criticized actions of both the restaurants were bought to their notice and they were made aware that these so-called games had objects along with living crabs were placed in the machines for the diners to grab the crabs for their meal. The society further added that these games caused harm to these defenseless animals and encouraged people to consider animals nothing more than an object to play in today's time.

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