Man Spent £80000 To Look Like Katie Price Now To Be Kylie's Lookalike

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A man spent £80,000 to look like Katie Price and now wants to be Kylie's lookalike. Nathan Thursfield who is a health worker is in Turkey for plastic surgery.

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A man from UK's Stoke-on-Trent went viral when he spent a whopping £80,000 ($100,000) on trying to look like his favourite celebrity Katie Price. Named Nathan Thursfield the man conducted a lot of surgeries to look like Katie. Yet the 24-year-old is not done yet with them. In a recent interview with media, the man has revealed that he would like to look like Beaty mogul Kylie Jenner next. Though he at times regrets his life choices, he has called his next venture the next 'outrageous thing' in the interview.

Speaking of his fondness of Katie Price, Nathan said that he used to admire Katie's surgery journey. Yet now he fears that Katie is going a bit too far in making changes to her face though she is still a stunner. Nathan said he knows his limits and so he had to stop now. But now he has developed a liking for Kylie who he thinks looks fab. He might change his face to be like her and that would be his next outrageous thing, he revealed. 

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Nathan is in Turkey for surgery

The Katie-Kylie fan is currently on holiday in Turkey, where he is booked into a clinic - one that Price has used in the past - awaiting to undergo a £7,000 ($9,000) operation to improve his smile. In order to bring perfection, the cosmetic surgeons filed down his teeth before he has veneers fitted. It is all part of the process of making him look like Kylie. The other alterations include chin fillers, cheek fillers, lip fillers, botox, three nose jobs, and liposuction on his arms and back. Nathan said that she spoke with Katie before coming to the place for getting his face and body done. It is only after she told him about her experience that he chose the place. 

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He advises others to get plastic surgery

Reasoning with why he went on to go for these surgeries, Nathan said that if he disliked something in his body, he would change it. He advised others who disliked things in their bodies to do the same. Yet they should do proper research before they go for surgeries as most of the places are overpriced and don't work out well, he added.

Nathan raises a whopping amount of money from media appearances

Nathan who is a health worker raises the money for his outrageous surgeries through TV appearances and magazine deals. He is reported to have sold the pictures of his Las Vegas wedding to partner Michael Gibbons to media channels. Speaking of his monetary status, the man said that though he had trouble meeting his ends earlier now he is self-sufficient. He added that he has a gorgeous home and lives a comfortable lifestyle.

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Nathan revealed that he got £12,000 fee for his wedding in Las Vegas.

Nathan is about to feature in a documentary. He said he was approached by a production company so he is currently filming in Turkey for a new series. Nathan has also signed up a fitness series which starts filming in June next year. Nathan had been seen in numerous shows and had also starred in his own documentary which aired in 12 different countries.

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