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Man Who 'never Felt Human' Eats Meal Out Of A Dog Bowl, Wears Dog Mask And Often Barks As He Lives Life As A ‘Human Pup’

Written By Daamini Sharma | Mumbai | Published:

A 'human pup' who says he has never felt like a man eats his meals out of a dog bowl, wears a dog mask and often barks at, licks and bites friends. Kaz James, 37, claims he's felt like a dog since childhood and says he always felt 'weird' and unable to relate to others before finally allowing his pup persona to shine through in his late teens.

The store manager, from Salford, Greater Manchetster, has had help from an online 'pup play' community and open-minded friends to transition from part-time pooch to confident canine.The self-professed 'full-time orange, brown and camo K9' unleashes his doggy personality by barking at friends, carrying items with his teeth and snacking on Bonios.

Outside of work he can be found in customised rubber outfits, masks, dog leads, harnesses and even a bespoke £2,000 fur suit.

(Kaz with his treats. Credit: Kennedy News and Media)

After a long day's work or going out socialising Kaz loves nothing more than relaxing at home and eating meals out of his dog bowl.

He continued: "I feel a sense of peace being a human pup.

Now store manager Kaz has made the transition from shy part-time pooch to confident canine with the help of a thriving online pup play community and open-minded pals.

(Kaz relaxing in his custom-made fur suit. Credit: Kennedy News and Media)

Hanging in his wardrobe alongside his two bespoke £400 rubber suits and dog leads Kaz also owns a £2,000 custom-made fur suit shipped over from Canada.

Kaz said: "It does get hot in there, it's pretty much like walking around wearing a carpet. It's great for winter, if you're going to wear it in summer - invest in air conditioning.

Moreover Kaz believe that although people from outside the community can mistake human pup purely as a fetish, the movement focuses largely on reconnecting with childhood fun and even romance.