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Masseur Uses Ancient Technique To Heal Muscle Pain With Fire

Written By Divyam Jain | Mumbai | Published:


  • An Egyptian man has claimed that he can heal muscle pain using an ancient Pharaonic technique known as "fiery towel"
  • The technique is practised at his spa in the Nile Delta governorate of Gharbeya
  • He learned the technique in Morocco

An Egyptian man has claimed to be able to heal muscle pain using ancient Pharaonic technique known as "Fiery towel." Mr.Abdel Rehim Saeid is a practising Masseur in Egypt and has previously trained in Morocco to learn the technique. The technique is practised at his spa in the Nile Delta governorate of Gharbeya. Unfortunately, his treatment cannot work on people with health issues like high blood pressure and kidney failures amongst other health problems that may hinder the massage process and allied techniques. 

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The 'Fiery' method

According to reports, the masseur said that he starts with standard massage oil and chamomile to invigorate blood circulation and heal some of the pain in impacted areas. Then comes the fire which he starts by placing sheets of towels and some protective material on the customer's back. Then, a towel is dipped in alcohol placed on top and is set on fire which is burnt for around a minute before extinguishing the flames with a wet towel. The masseur further said that it is called a fiery massage and it works by sucking the moisture out of the body. Additionally, he said that he communicates with the human body by coming into close contact with the body of the person in front of him. The man's spa in is in Egypt's Gharbeya.

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Massage works but, not for everyone

Abdel Rehim Saeid said that he cannot use the method with people who have problems with high blood pressure, kidney failure, or Haemophilia. The masseur said that he has trained under an expert in fiery towel technique in Morocco and has got several massage accreditations from institutions in Egypt.

His technique has yielded results as well. Mohammed-Al-Shaer is a man in his thirties and has said that his pain had improved 100% after the fiery treatment. The customer added that he couldn't stand to pray before and could not stretch his back when he got out of his car. Now, after his second session, his body is getting better and better and his movement is bettered too. He further added that he used to be very lazy but now he is not.

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