Math Joke Leaves Internet Puzzled, Netizens React To It On Twitter

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Recently a math puzzle has gone viral on the internet and it may be as easy as a statement but some people have found it difficult to understand it in one go.

Written By Sounak Mitra | Mumbai | Updated On:
Math Joke

A math puzzle has recently gone viral on the internet. The riddle which can be mistaken for an easy puzzle in the first glance, has proven to cause more confusion as more time is spent on it. Reportedly, some people have found it difficult to understand it in one go. Mathematics is clearly not everyone's cup of tea as compared to other things in the world. A Twitter user, @nctcookie took to the microblogging site to share the puzzle. She wrote, "I have a scary joke about math but I'm 2² to say it.”

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Puzzle left many scratching their heads

The puzzle has resulted in difficulties in understanding for many of the netizens while a lot of users understood the joke in about no time. The tweet has garnered over 15,068 retweets and 48,833 likes in 4 days. If the statement is read carefully it says, "I have a scary joke but I am 2² (two square) to say it."Here two square indicates as too scare, which is highlighted in exponential form.
Some Twitter users had a tough time understanding the joke. Some of them concluded the riddle taking it otherwise understanding it to be  ‘to (two) high to (two)’. Others could not understand it at all. They came up with suggestions like ‘two two’ and ‘two raise to the power two', etc.

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Netizens' Reaction

A twitter user wrote, "My brain suddenly forgot what that was called in English so".

Another user wrote, "You’re two raised to the power of two?"

A third user wrote, "I read it as “I’m two high two to say it” but that doesn’t make sense cause there is one “to” too much".

This is not the first time that a math equation has puzzled up the people. Earlier in July, a seemingly similar math equation left many scratching their heads.It read: "8/2(2+2) = ?"

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