Mexicans Sue Retail Giant Walmart Over El Paso Shooting In Texas

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The Mexican government stated that 10 Mexican citizens had filed lawsuits against Walmart over a shooting that took place in its store in El Paso, Texas.

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The Mexican government stated that 10 Mexican citizens had filed lawsuits against retail giant Walmart over a shooting that took place at their store in the US border town of El Paso, Texas, that claimed the lives of eight Mexicans and eight other people with injuries, adding that Walmart had not taken the necessary measures to protect its customers.

Lawsuit against Walmart

The Mexican Foreign Ministry stated that the lawsuit was filed in a Texas court with an aim to hold Walmart responsible for failing to take the required measures to protect its customers. The ministry further added that these 10 people were not only seeking justice for themselves but for the public in general.

However, it was not clear from the statement issued by Mexico's Foreign Ministry as to what connection the plaintiffs had with the shooting adding that the law firm handling the case worked with the victim's families. Also, the statement did not detail the charges on which the plaintiffs plan to sue Walmart. The lawsuit is being handled by an El Paso county-based firm, Law officer of Lynn Coyle in accordance with the Mexican consulate general in the city.

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The foreign ministry also stated that they will not stop putting in efforts to prevent such horrific and frightful incidents from taking place and try to repair the damages suffered by the victims.

In a statement issued by Walmart, the company said that they will never be able to forget such a horrific incident and offered their condolences to everyone who was connected and affected by the incident. The company further added that the safety of their employees and customers is the top priority. After the shooting, Walmart stated that it would immediately stop selling arms and ammunition for a few handguns and military-style rifles at all its stores.

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'Terrorist attack'

The horrific incident was committed by alleged shooter, Patrick Wood Crusius who killed eight and injured eight others before reportedly confessing that he was trying to kill as many Mexicans as possible. He had posted a manifesto online denounced berating the Hispanic invasion in the state of Texas. However, Crusius pleaded not guilty as prosecutors were seeking a death penalty for him. The shooting was termed as a 'terrorist attack' by Mexico.

The El Paso shooting was followed by a mass shooting in Ohio that claimed the lives of three people including the alleged gunman.

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