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Mexico Overtakes UK For The World's Third-highest COVID-19 Death Toll

On July 31, Mexico crosse UK and became the country with the third highest coronavirus death toll. Mexico recorded 688 new deaths on July 31.


On July 31, Mexico crossed Britain and became the country with the third highest coronavirus death toll. Mexico recorded 688 new deaths on July 31, taking the death toll to 46,688, with 424,637 confirmed cases. Mexico is right after Brazil as the pandemic hard hits Latin America. More than 91,000 people have died in Brazil, taking the toll to 152,000. On July 29, Brazil reopened international air travel, which had been banned since March due to the novel coronavirus. This decision was taken even when the country has the second-highest cases, after the United States. According to the reports, the government said that tourists from all countries can travel to Brazil as long as they have health insurance. 

Current situation in Mexico

According to the reports by the John Hopkins University, the United Kingdom has recorded 46,204 deaths and 304,793 cases. Reports suggest that the situation in Mexico is far worse. The expected number of cases is far more than what the records suggest. The surge in the number of cases has made Latin America an epicentre of the novel coronavirus. Cases in the region have doubled over the past month to more than 4.7 million.  

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According to the international media reports, these regions are facing difficulties to curb the spread of the the novel coronavirus which has hard hit the entire globe. On July 31, Colombia recorded 10,105 new deaths and passed 100,000 deaths. Reports suggest that the Andean country is expected to reach 300,000 total cases over the weekend. 

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On July 31, Mexico President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said that Mexico will go ahead with the Independence Day celebrations at the Zocalo Square. However, he said that the ceremony woyld be 'social distanced' and all the precautions will be taken. The September 16 ceremony celebrates a historic call to revolt known as "El Grito".

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