'Invader's' Mona Lisa Painting Made Of Rubik's Cubes Goes On Sale In Paris

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A Mona Lisa painting made up of Rubik's Cubes is going on sale in Paris, France, international media reported. The painting is displayed at ArtCurial in Paris.

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Mona Lisa

A Mona Lisa painting made up of Rubik's Cubes is going on sale in Paris, France, reported a leading international media. The painting is displayed at ArtCurial in Paris, just down the road from Leonardo da Vinci's original artwork. According to media reports, the painting was made in 2005 by a street artist named 'Invader' and is expected to fetch up to 1,50,000 euros at the modern art auction. 

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The Urban Art

According to ArtCurial's official web page, the painting titled 'Urban Art' will go on sale on February 23 at 7:00 pm. The event sale is part of a key moment when Paris celebrates Leonardo da Vinci, on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of his death. Since October, the Louvre Museum has devoted an exhibition to it which will last until the end of February.

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Director of Urban Art Department at the ArtCurial, Arnaud Oliveux said, "Create bridges between the most contemporary art and ancient art! What better example than this Mona Lisa by Invader, presented in Paris, a major scene of urban art at the international level." 'Invader' while explaining his painting said,

"To understand and see the play, you have to distance yourself. Up close, the image is only a heap of cubes and colours whose meaning we cannot perceive. It is when we step back that the work takes on its meaning and the face appears to us."

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Invader became known thanks to his invasions which invade virally the streets of more than 65 cities in 33 countries of the world. Passionate about the infinite possibilities of mosaics and pixels, 'Invader' explored in 2004 a new creative support for his art thanks to Rubik's Cubes. It is the first time that small magic cubes, first used for fun purposes, are used in the artistic field. It was then that “Rubikcubism” and “paintings-objects” were born.

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