Neolithic Well In The Czech Republic Is The World's Oldest Wooden Structure

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In an Archaeological discovery, researchers discovered a 7,000-year-old Neolithic well in the Czech Republic. The dating was done via dendrochronology

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Neolithic Czech

In a recent Archaeological discovery, researchers discovered a 7,000-year-old Neolithic well in Czech Republic, Eastern Europe. According to reports, the well was constructed around 5256 B.C. after archaeologists studied the tree rings in what appeared to be wooden pillars. The dating of the well was done through a scientific process known as dendrochronology.

Well dug out with soil to study the environment of the Neolithic era

The wooden well belonging to the Neolithic period had a height of 56 inches and an 80 by 80 cm square base. The discovery was published in the Journal of Archaeological Science and it stated that the team dug out the well along with the soil in order to test it and find out about the environment of Neolithic Era i.e. the last period of the stone age.

According to reports, one of the researchers said that the well was preserved because it was submerged underwater for a really long time, adding that in order to preserve it further, they could not let the well dry out. However, they were in the process of creating a way to dry the centuries-old wood and preserve the archaeological find using sugar to strengthen the wood's cellular structure.

A faculty of the Department of Wood Science at Mendel University, Michal Rybnicek said that the corner posts of the neolithic structure were built from felled trees, adding that probably from trees cut down in a time period between winter 5259 BC or the early winter season of 5258 BC.

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Well revealed technological advancements of that time

The archaeologists involved in the study published their findings in the Journal of Archaeological Science and said that the design of the well had grooved corner posts with inserted planks. They further added the way this neolithic well was constructed, it revealed the technological advancements of that time.

They also said that the wooden well was the only known type of belonging to that particular region. According to reports, it is the third well dating back to the early Neolithic period discovered in the Czech Republic in the past four years.

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