North Korea Declines America's Offer To Hold Fresh Round Of Dialogues

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North Korea stated that it had declined an offer by the US for a fresh round of dialogues in the month of December after the failed previous two summits

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North Korea

North Korea stated that it had declined an offer by the United States of America for a fresh round of dialogues in the month of December, adding that they had no intention of being a part of talks that aimed at pacifying them ahead of the 2019 deadline that they had set for the US to be less rigid in negotiations.

North Korea refuses fresh talks with US

In a statement released, a North Korean representative, Kim Myong Gil, stated that his American counterpart, Stephen Biegun, who had jointly led the failed denuclearisation talks between both the countries in Stockholm, had offered to hold fresh talks through a third country.

Gil added that Biegun's plan was to appease them in order to ease out and pass the yead end deadline set for the US and said that the North will not be in favour of having such talks or negotiations. Pyongyang has been wanting to lift the US imposed sanctions but America said that the North must first denuclearise its nuclear program.

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'Trump committed to moving forward'

According to reports, a representative of the US state department stated that Trump was committed to moving forward in relation to the agreements he tabled and reached with Kim Jong Un at the first summit that was conducted in Singapore in June 2018, based on building peace and complete denuclearisation.

However, after the failed summit conducted in Hanoi in the month of April, Kim Jong Un set a year-end deadline for the US so that they show more flexibility in the ongoing negotiations that in turn was a matter of concern because it was thought that the North could go back to testing nuclear bomb and long-range missiles that were suspended since 2017.

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The latest decision by North Korea comes as American defense officials were in Seoul, South Korea, for yearly meetings amid threats from Pyongyang to stop the joint military-deals between the US and South Korea.

US seeking monetary benefit

According to reports, the United States of America is seeking a monetary benefit from South Korea for hosting American troops alongside asking the South to put a stop to an Intelligence sharing pact they have with Japan called GSOMIA(General Security Of Military Information Agreements), which America thinks would undermine the trilateral cooperation.

North Korea has heavily criticised the US-South Korea military exercises as hostile and added that they would retaliate if both the countries go ahead with the joint military drills.

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