North Korea: US-S.Korea Drills Will Hamper Nuclear Negotiations

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North Korea said US - S Korea drills 'throw wet blanket' on nuclear talks. It also criticized the US for redesignation of Pyongyang as a sponsor of terrorism.

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North Korea

US-South Korean military drills would lead to "throwing a wet blanket over the spark" of nuclear talks alleged North Korea on November 7. The country added that the negotiations were already "on the verge of extinction". The US and South Korea have often cancelled the drills to maintain diplomacy. Yet North Korea continues to see the intent of the drill as an invasion rehearsal. It has often reacted to the exercises strongly, especially when talks are stalled.

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Kwon Jong Gun, ambassador of North Korea accused that the US for trying to resume joint aerial drills with South Korea in December on Thursday. North Korea "will never remain an onlooker" to "the reckless military moves", Kwon said. 

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Drills were cancelled last year and are being conducted again

Last year's drill consisted of hundreds of South Korean and US aircraft and was called Vigilant Ace drills. It was cancelled by both of the nations. This year, the drills will be conducted in the coming weeks, stated South Korea's Defense Ministry. South Korean and US militaries have been coordinating over the drills informed spokeswoman Choi Hyun-soo. The scale and other details of the exercise are yet to be decided, she added. 

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Washington's Terrorism Blacklist hinders nuclear diplomacy: North Korea

North Korea earlier said that the US redesignation of Pyongyang as a sponsor of terrorism was dimming prospects for nuclear diplomacy between the countries. At the same time, North Korea continues to escalate its pressures on the United States over a stalemate in nuclear negotiations. North Korea test-fired projectiles from what it called a newly-developed “super-large” multiple rocket launcher last week. Since a summit between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un failed in February, nuclear diplomacy largely remains deadlocked.

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"US terrorism blacklist proves again that it maintains a hostile policy and inveterate repugnancy toward North Korea. This is an insult to and perfidy against a dialogue partner. The channel of the dialogue between (North Korea) and the US is more and more narrowing due to the US stance", North’s Foreign Ministry said.

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