North Korean Youtubers Give A Sneak Peek Into The Isolated Country

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YouTubers from North Korea who are now refugees in South Korea are offering a peek of the country into the homeland of Seoul. 

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YouTubers from North Korea who are now refugees in South Korea are offering a peek of the country into the homeland of Seoul. The YouTubers are talking about how North Koreans live, eat and so on. Several YouTubers have launched their own channels to tell their stories from North Korea or broadcast the culture and food with the rest of the world. While all the mainstream outside media reports are talking about North Korea's provocative measures like weapons, the YouTubers are focusing on lighter subjects which mainly includes the culture and thinking of North Koreans. 

North Korean refugees in South Korea

Reports suggest that more than 32,000 North Koreans fled to South Korea and are living as refugees. The main reason to flee the country was to avoid political repression and poverty. Some of the North Koreans have started their own YouTube channels in South Korea where they are offering a peek into the lives of the former. According to a news report, a North Korean refugee YouTuber, Jang Myung-jin talks about North Korean profanity, if they raise pet dogs, and whether there are any transgender people in the country. He has a two-year-old YouTube channel where he talks about North Korea. According to reports, in one of his videos he says that " North Koreans usually raise dogs, rabbits, pigs, and chickens, but to either eat or sell to markets." He also said that calling someone a "baby born by a young female slave" is considered as a profanity in the country. 

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About North Korea

North Korea is currently run by leader Kim Jong Un. The government of the country is run by a socialist constitution. The country runs by within the political system of North Korea. Recently, North Korea's leader  Kim Jong Un had made global headlines with a provocative run of weapons tests and high-stakes nuclear diplomacy with President Donald Trump.

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The Hate comments

Even though these YouTubers have a strong fan following across the country and globe, they also receive a lot of hate messages. Some of the comments read like "Go back to your own country". While some people are talking about their escape stories from North Korea, some people claim that these are just the voices of South Koreans. People claim that these are "fake videos".

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Jaka Parker's Youtube channel

Jaka Parker, who is originally from Indonesia, is currently living in Pyongyang in North Korea since 2012. Parker films North Korea's culture, rare places, food and so on. He broadcasts the videos on his Instagram handle and YouTube channel. 


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