Over 100 Tonnes Of Gold Transferred From London To Poland In A Secret Undercover Mission

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In a successful top-secret repatriation mission, 100 tonnes of gold worth $5bn (£3.85bn) was transferred from an undercover location in London to Poland.

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In a top-secret repatriation mission, 100 tonnes of gold worth $5bn (£3.85bn) was transferred from an undercover location in London to Poland. The transfer of gold occurred as a secret mission and was meticulously planned by the Bank of England.

Secret undercover mission

Gold worth around $5bn (£3.85bn) was displaced from an undercover location in the capital city to an undisclosed spot at an airport in Poland. The trucks of gold were kept under heavy surveillance and escorted by the police officials. The gold was transferred onto the helicopter and later loaded onto a  freighter plane to Poland. This is not the first time that the gold reserves were being secretly transported to Poland. During the Second World War, the Polish secretly displaces their gold reserves across three continents. These reserves were located in London, Ottawa and New York where the Polish gold was stored. 

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The UK Government returned all the stored gold back to Poland. According to sources, a round of eight trips was made to transfer all the gold reserves to Narodowy Bank Polski, which is the central bank of Poland. On November 22, the gold arrived in Poland in three vehicles which were completely armed and were accompanied by the police under special surveillance were loaded onto the secret vaults, information about which has been kept undisclosed due to security concerns. All the gold bullions have the mark of the London Good Delivery. Each brick weighed approximately 12.5 kg along were unique stamp numbers and markers which symbolizes the place of their production.

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G4S Cash Solutions UK took responsibility for the missions and their success. John Lennox, the director of the firm told an international media house that the displacement of gold was carefully planned and drafted with everyone’s coordination which included the participation of the police, the Bank of England, Narodowy Bank Polski and G4S. The plans were kept small and flexible, and the team was prepared to handle any uncertain conditions. The movement of the gold reserves was continuously updated. The mission is being considered as the historic day in the history of the gold industry. 

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