Pooper Scooper Robot Designed To Detect And Pick Up Dog Poop

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A company has invented a pooper scooper robot that is designed to find, detect and automatically pick up your dog’s poop. It consists of AI advance programming.

Written By Pragya Puri | Mumbai | Updated On:
Pooper Scooper

A company has invented a robot that is designed to find, detect and automatically pick up dog’s poop. The robot is specially designed to make it convenient for the dog owners to help them with their dirty work.

Digitally designed with front cameras

Owning a pet is fun and people love to cuddle and play with their pets. However, it all comes with several responsibilities, especially picking up their poop. The owners have to take the pet outside every time they want to shit and even reset their four legged pals when they have to do a poop scavenge.  Well, not anymore, a company designed a robot that is capable of picking up the pet’s poop. The robot named Beetl, can find, detect and then automatically scoop the poop. It is digitally designed with computer vision and front cameras that help the robot in locating the faeces. After they have set their target on the poop, the robot moves in its direction and uses its mechanical claw to pick it up. 

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The robot not just have a mechanical claw but it also has a little container for holding the poop till the owner dispose it of. The Beetl robot is equipped with sensors which help it to detect the obstacles on its way and at the same time stay within the parameters. The owners are required to provide the robot with a particular distance within which they can operate, roam around and pick the poops.

According to the company the robot consists of advanced AI programming. The owners can connect the robot with the cloud network which will help the robots learn and develop new ways to function. The company said that the robot is still being tested and will only be available after the successful completion of its the required tests. 

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