Psychology Teacher Makes List Of 101 Ways To Cope With Stress

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Psychology teacher makes a list of 101 ways to cope with stress which goes viral; named Brett Phillips, the teacher shared it with student Alina Ramirez

Written By Tanima Ray | Mumbai | Updated On:
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A psychology teacher from California has provided his student with a listicle for things to do to deal with stress which is going viral. Named Brett Phillips, the teacher has created 101 ways to avoid stress. He shared it with his pupil, Alina Ramirez, who found it so wonderful that she shared it on social media. The motto of all the pointers is all kinds of goodness and planning ahead things to avoid the hassle later on. Amila shared the photo of the list on Twitter which went viral.

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Alina shared tips to help people avoid stress

Alina is reportedly a senior in high school in Oxnard, California, who's taking a Psychology class. It was during one of their first chapter lessons on stress, that her teacher, Brett Phillips, gave the class a list of ways to cope with stress. In her twitter post, Ramirez highlighted some of her favorite items on the list. Ramirez told the media that Brett knows how stressed students are with a school, sports, work, and life in general, so he gave them the paper to help, and just to have in case we are stressed. Alina said that the list is a mix of tips to avoid stress. 

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Philips had been sharing tips for the past 10 years to help students

By now Ramirez's post has been retweeted over 25,000 times on Twitter and liked by 29,000 users. People are in love with her for sharing the tips. They have thanked her for putting it online and making it accessible to everyone else. On the other hand, the teacher, Brett Philips told media that he couldn't take credit for the list and only compiled it from advice in various textbooks and articles, and just thinking of things that most people could do to live a less stressful life. He has been sharing the list for the past 10 years and asking them to pick five things that they need to start doing to lower their stress levels, he said. Philips added that he himself had been following many of the rules to deal with his life. 

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Life's short and too much stress will make it even shorter, Philips concluded.

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