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Racism Global Evil, Says UN Chief As White House Releases Statement On Rising Hate Crimes

The UN is actively participating with the US in the fight that the Biden administration intends to wage against the rising number of hate crimes in America


Secretary-General to the United Nations Antonio Guterres on Monday said that "we have to be proactively anti-racist" followed by strong condemnation of rising hate crimes in America against the Asian community (s). A week after six Asian-American women were gunned down by a man in Atlanta, the "ever existing" racism in the US as pointed out by Vice President Kamala Harris, has grabbed the attention of many rights activists along with the Biden administration.
Guterres acknowledged that racism is a global evil and tweeted "Racism is a complex cultural phenomenon. Eradicating it is not a one-time exercise - it demands action, every day at every level, from all of us."The statements by the UN Secretary-General also comes after the White House released a statement on Monday with the title 'Fact Sheet: U.S. Efforts to Combat Systemic Racism.'

Xenophobia is real in America and always has been: Harris

The statement by The Oval House refers to the ongoing hate crimes in the US and calls it "systematic racism" that the Biden-Harris administration aims to eradicate. Last week Harris while addressing certain Asian-American legislators in Atlanta had noted "Racism is real in America and it has always been. Xenophobia is real in America and always has been. Sexism too.”

The words uttered by Harris had an influence on the leaders present in the meeting, who expressed that Harris connected with the issues pertaining to Asian-Americans. Chinese American Democrat, State Sen. Michelle Au was one of the few to acknowledge that Harris intimately understood the issue as she was quoted by Associated Press as saying "Not only that she was there listening to us, but that she also understood these issues in a very intimate way, that you can’t teach that sort of lived experience. So we felt that she was going to be an incredible advocate on our behalf in the White House."

Hate has no safe harbour in the US or anywhere in the world: Joe Biden

More specifically, Biden was blunt enough in Washington on Sunday when he said "Hate can have no safe harbour in America and it must have no safe harbour anywhere else in the world. We must all come together to stop this." Biden also strongly condemned the ongoing unrest in China with Uighurs who have allegedly forced in "detention centers" that China claims are "re-education camps to correct the Uighurs." Moreover, the US President also said that his administration would be vocal against the "horrific" mistreatment of the Rohingyas in Myanmar.

Meanwhile, Guterres also took it to Twitter recently and wrote a post with the hashtag #FightRacism that has been trending for quite some time now. He wrote "Racism transcends generations and contaminates societies. It perpetuates inequality, oppression, and marginalization. Let us work together to rid the world of racism so all may live in a world of peace, dignity, and opportunity."

The United Nations is actively participating with the US in the fight that the Biden administration intends to wage against the rising number of hate crimes in America, that are flaming racist notions in the country. It is yet to be seen how the unrest is tackled by the global body and President Biden, in order to end racism. 

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