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Robot Sophia Says She Is A Fan Of Dating Apps Though She Doesn't Date

Written By Bhavya Sukheja | Mumbai | Published:


  • Viral robot Sophia shared her thoughts on the wage gap and the popular trend of dating apps
  • She reportedly said that she doesn't date but she is a fan of the dating app culture

Sophia, the three-year-old viral robot, has shared her thoughts on the wage gap and the popular trend for humans to meet their significant others online. She claims that before the dating app trend started, the biggest factor determining love was the geographic proximity and with the coming of the dating apps the distance between people has collapsed. She reportedly said that she doesn't date but she is a fan of the dating app culture. 

The world's first robot citizen believes that dating app brings humans together and it is the best way to meet new people. She added that while creating the dating profiles humans tend to get in their own way. According to her, technology is about connection and her analysis of dating apps reveals that every human male is holding a puppy and every human female is trapped in a bathroom mirror. Even though she is a fan of dating apps, she says that there is a certain negative aspect to it as well. She claims that women mostly face safety issues while men get easily bored. 

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Who should pay on first date?

Sophia was also asked whether a guy should pay on the first date or the girl. Her answer, however, was something which only a robot could say. She reportedly said that whoever loses the pi memorization contest should pay on a first date. She referred to the mathematical constant. She also admitted that she also struggles with the same mathematical precision herself even after being a robot. She claims that she has no biological desire to reproduce children of her own but she would love to work with them instead of creating a new child. 

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Lifelike robot

A Texas-born former sculptor at Walt Disney Imagineering and the founder of a Hong Kong-based startup Hanson Robotics, David Hanson is the creator of Sophia a lifelike robot. He combined artificial intelligence with southern China's expertise in toy design, electronics and manufacturing to craft Sophia with face designed to be lifelike and appealing enough to win trust from humans who interact with them. Sophia also went on a date with a famous actor Will Smith. The 49-year-old actor was friend-zoned by the robot. Will Smith posted a video of the two on social media where he can be seen leaning in for a kiss to which the Sophia replied: “I think we can be friends”. 

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