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SHOCKING: Women Swallowed By 10 Ft Deep Sinkhole After The Pavement Under Her Feet Crumbled

Written By Digital Desk | Mumbai | Published:

A woman walking on a busy Gansu Province in China's northwest was swallowed by a sinkhole after the pavement under her feet suddenly crumbled on Monday. The incident was captured in a security camera and the footage went viral on the social media platforms. Footage shows the exact moment when the sidewalk collapsed as the woman was walking on it. The unidentified victim was left with two fractures on her ribs after falling into the three-metre-deep (almost 10-foot-deep) pit. 

Take a look: 

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In the video, the women can be clearly seen walking on the sidewalk when suddenly the grounds start to shake. Flabbergasted, she tries to maintain her balance and escape the spot but unfortunately fails to do so. Her head bangs on the ground before getting completely swallowed by the huge sinkhole. The woman lies at the bottom of the 10 ft deep pit after falling through the pavement. Unable to move she cries out for help.  

First, out of fear, that the ground would continue to crumble no one came to offer help. Later, an eyewitness called for the ambulance and another passing motorcyclist threw his helmet into the sinkhole for the victim to wear to protect her head from falling debris, as per a local news channel. Finally, a rope was used to get her out of the deep pit after which she was immediately rushed to the hospital.

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The sinkhole has been cordoned off as local authorities investigate into the cause of the accident.

It's not the first time the city has seen collapses of this nature, Wenxue City News channel reported. Two sinkholes opened on the same day in early September, creating chaos on two different roads. Later that month, a third sinkhole appeared in a Lanzhou intersection, and three people fell into the pit, one of whom died.