Singapore PM Lee Hsien Loong Appreciates India's Economic Growth

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The Singapore PM, in his speech at UNGA, has appreciated the constant growth that the Indian economy has witnessed since the liberalisation in the 1990s

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On September 28, Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong appreciated the constant growth that Indian economy has witnessed since the liberalisation in the 1990s. Loong stated this in his speech made during the general debate of the 74th Session of the General Assembly. Prime Minister Lee, as reported by a news agency, also said in his statement, "India has grown steadily since the 1990s, with its economy gradually liberalised and becoming more enmeshed with its partners."

'Sustainable development important for all countries'

Prime Minister Loong in his speech also discussed the importance of sustainable development for all the countries across the globe. According to Loong, Sustainable development is a priority for all the nations and all the countries are facing similar issues which includes employment, enhancing the quality of living, and eradicating poverty. He said, "Sustainable development has become a priority for all countries," and added that everyone shares common challenges related to it such as creating jobs, raising standards of living, and eradicating poverty. He further insisted that all nations should come together and help each other as it is difficult for the nations to progress on their own.

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'Growth requires trade, investments, and technologies'

The Singapore Prime Minister said that growth can happen only with the help of trade, investments, and technologies. He highlighted the overall economic growth achieved by the South Asian countries and also acknowledged China’s contribution to the economic growth to the World Trade Organisation in 2001, he said that it helped in dramatic economic growth, providing economic mobility to more than 850 million who were stuck with poverty. He said, “Presaged two decades of dramatic economic growth which lifted more than 850 million people out of poverty in the region." Before Loong addressed the gathering, Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave his speech in UNGA on various issues concerning climate change, development and taking a united stand on terrorism.  

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