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'Sounds Stupid': Greta Thunberg Slammed For 'neutral' Stance On Israel-Palestine Conflict

Climate activist Greta Thunberg faced backlash for revealing her “neutral” stance in the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict that escalated in recent weeks.

Image credits: Twitter/AP

Image credits: Twitter/AP

Teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg, who rose to fame by lashing out at world leaders for their inaction against the environmental crisis, faced backlash for her “neutral” stance in the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict. Taking to Twitter, the 18-year-old on May 11 said that to be “crystal clear” she is neither “against” Israel or Palestine but denounced “any form of violence or oppression.” However, her followers lambasted her for promoting the controversial stance especially when the Israel-Palestine tensions has cost over 26 lives. The fuming netizens termed Thunberg “dumb” and even pointed out the quote, “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor” by Bishop Desmond Tutu.

Greta Thunberg faces backlash

From saying she needs to “start going to school” to asking the climate activist to “leave Twitter,” the angry netizens who are devastated by the situation in the Middle East criticised Greta Thunberg. One of the disappointed internet users said “shame on you.” Her remarks on Tuesday came as Israel unleashed fresh airstrikes on Gaza on the same day and hit a pair of high-rise buildings believed to be housing militants. Meanwhile, Hamas and other armed groups bombarded southern Israel with hundreds of rockets. The Israel-Palestine conflict escalated relentlessly throughout the past weeks. 

As per reports, since sundown May 10, at least 26 Palestinians including around nine children and women were killed in Gaza, mostly by airstrikes. The Israeli military said that at least 16 of the dead were all militants. In a further signal of escalating tensions, Israel signalled it is widening its military campaign. Amid such a poor situation, Greta Thunberg’s phrasing of the comment also triggered netizens to compare her take with other such situations.

For instance, one internet user wrote, “To be crystal clear: I am not “against” burning fossil fuels or green energy. Needless to say I’m against any form of damage to the environment, from anyone or any part.”

Image credits: Twitter/AP

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