Spain Floods Claim Six Lives; 3,000 Evacuated, Many Stranded Rescued

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According to reports, floods in South-eastern Spain claimed at least six lives and have forced more than three thousand people to evacuate and rush to safety

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According to reports, floods in Spain have claimed at least six lives and have forced more than three thousand people to evacuate after torrential rains hit South-eastern Spain. The situation led to roads, railways and an airport being forced to be closed on September 13 and emergency services saved people stuck in flooded highway tunnels. The floods have caused a lot of destruction and loss of lives even though Interior Minister said that he is positive about the future weather forecast.

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Flood causes damage & deaths

Reportedly, floods have swept away cars and waste in the regions of Valencia, Murcia, and eastern Andalucia. Tunnels for traffic in some areas were innundated so much so that water got up to the lights of the tunnel, with some vehicles in part or fully submerged.

A person was dead after he was reported missing since leaving his home on foot earlier on September 13 and was found dead in the Rendovan village in the region of Valencia. Another person was found in Granada province after his car was swooped off a road and a third person in Almeria after making his way through an inundated Tunnell, said the rescue services. Two siblings also died after rains dragged their car away. 

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Acting Interior Minister of Spain said that Floods is a serious tragedy even as there were reports of 74 roads being closed as was the entire Murcia regional railway service and the Murcia Airport. Some areas saw record rainfall for September and were flooded throughout yesterday.  According to official reports, Mario Cervera who is the mayor of the town of Alcazares which is amongst the most affected towns in Murcia said that the situation is critical and all municipalities are full of water. Helicopters and boats were used by rescue workers including over a thousand troops in various areas.

Two thousand residents of the town of Santomera were evacuated from their home as a pre-emptive measure due to a restricted release from a local dam to avoid overflowing with 1,500 people earlier being evacuated, said the Interior Minister. Minister further added that forecasts are now more positive than midday and that he has reports that point to decrease in chances and risks of further flooding.

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Rescue workers recount moments as Tourists remain stranded

According to reports, several rescue worker recounted their moments with stranded people. One emergency worker said that there was a man who was holding onto traffic signage so the officer and he jumped to take him out. Citizens meanwhile are advised to remain at home and to avoid the use of cars by the authorities. Tourists too were left stranded at Alicante Airport as many flights were either delayed or stood cancelled. According to reports, an Irish tourist said that he has been in the queue for the last four to five hours and it was very difficult for them to go to the toilet or eat anything.

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