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Taiwan: Fighting Erupts In Parliament After Opposition Barred Entry Of Ruling Party

Taiwanese politicians clashed after the opposition acquired the parliament and barred the entry of ruling party members as a protest against 'tyranny'.


Taiwanese politicians violently clashed on June 29 after the opposition acquired the parliament and barred the entry of ruling party members as a protest against government’s “tyranny”. According to international media reports, the members of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) broke through the barricades set up by the main opposition Kuomintang (KMT) members causing vandalism of the property. At least 20 KMT politicians had occupied the legislative building overnight to take part in the uncommon protests and fights staged inside the parliament in Taiwan. 

The KMT lawmakers attempted to block the entry of the parliament with chairs and chains because according to them the Taiwanese government is forcing through legislation. Other reasons leading to the demonstration was the ruling party's nomination of a close aide to a high-level watchdog. Late morning on June 29, the DPP lawmakers pulled down the barricades and forced to find a way inside the building to the main podium where the KMT officials had taken cover. According to reports, the confrontation of the lawmakers was met with fighting, both verbal and physical. 

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KMT lawmakers withdrew eventually

Even though the opposition withdrew after some time, the KMT lawmakers continued to condemn the DPP members for using violence against them. According to the international agency, KMT lawmaker Wayne Chiang told the reporters that 'this is a very dangerous thing' and added that lawmaker colleagues ‘can not be treated like that’. At one instance, the new chairman of KMT Johnny Chiang struggled to hold his position. KMT is denoted as a pro-Beijing party even though China considers Taiwan as its own territory. 

However, the opposition lawmakers said that it was demonstrating the ruling party and country’s President Tsai Ing-wen who according to them is forcing through the legislations along with Tsai’s recommendation of her senior aide Chen Chu to head an independent watchdog called Control Yuan. According to reports, KMT lawmakers have called Tsai’s government “more tyrannical than before” which prompted the protest. Meanwhile, DPP member of the parliament Wang Ting-yu wrote on Facebook, “What a nerve!”. Even Taiwan President’s office condemned the actions taken by the opposition and DPP reportedly accused KMT of putting together a “farce”.

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