Tech YouTuber Restores 1998 'Game Boy Color' To Full Working Condition

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A tech YouTuber has managed to successfully restore an old Game Boy Color that was not looking in a healthy condition after he bought it from eBay for $2.

Written By Vishal Tiwari | Mumbai | Updated On:

A tech YouTuber has managed to successfully restore an old Game Boy that was not looking in a healthy condition after he bought it from eBay. The video of the entire restoration process was uploaded by the YouTuber on his channel Odd Tinkering, which has nearly 6,32,000 subscribers. In the video, the YouTuber claims that he bought the beat-up Game Boy for $2, which is about Rs 142. According to the YouTuber, the console was sold as a junk and when he bought the Game Boy, except for the speaker everything was broken. 

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Game Boy Color restored

When the YouTuber bought the Game Boy the screen was completely burned, the battery terminal was having a little corrosion. The Game Boy Color was launched in 1998 and it became the third most sold console of all time. The YouTuber tried to restart the Game Boy by putting on some new batteries to see whether the console still worked. But when the Game Boy did not respond to new batteries he tried to clean the corrosion with some Isopropyl alcohol and switched it on again, but it was of no use either. The YouTuber then opened the Game Boy to detect the real problem and according to him, the motherboard was looking good except near the corroded battery area. 

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The YouTuber used some more Isopropyl alcohol on other parts of the Game Boy and used rust remover for the rest of the plating. He then cleaned the external body with water and soap and then used hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) along with solarium on it. For the visual display unit, he used some more isopropyl alcohol to clean the glue that was stuck on the screen and replaced the damaged polarizer, that helps in to see the images on the monitor. 

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After fixing all of those issues, the YouTuber reassembled all the parts and switched it on to see if it's working. And to his surprise, the Game Boy was doing absolutely what it was meant to do. The YouTuber inserted a Pokemon Yellow cartridge and played the game for some time to test the old machine's repair work. The Game Boy Color was discontinued in 2003 when Nintendo came out with Game Boy Advance SP

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