Image sourced from Airbnb
Image sourced from Airbnb

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The World’s Tiniest Home Is Now Listed On Airbnb

Written By Aishwaria Sonavane | Mumbai | Published:

Finding beauty in small things, AirBnb has now listed the world's tiniest home on their website, taken from the world-famous miniature exhibition in Hamburg, Germany.

The tiniest home just has one condition, it is available only for those who are two centimetres and under.

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The two-story house is classic and aesthetically a redbrick German home- only shrunk to suffice a miniature size.

The house is located in Hamburg, the miniature town of Knuffingen, in the centre of Miniatur Wunderland. This holiday season the house is listed to be your holiday home, to raise money for a charity. 

People can log onto Airbnb and book the property in Knuffingen, with all proceeds going to Hanseatic Help, a charitable social logistics initiative based in Hamburg.

The tiny visitors will be greeted like honorary citizens. Their tour will begin at the world famous Knuffingen airport, a technical masterpiece that took four million Euros and almost six years to be built. 

Railway enthusiasts can hop on and arrive by the Christmas trains, that pulls into the tiny station of the town and see the wonder at the Guinness Book of World Records-certified model railroad system, which has a whopping 15,400 metres of track.

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The tiniest home is pretty high on facilities- with everything from stamp-sized beds to a family room decked up into a festive vibe with its open fire and a 4 centimetre tall Christmas tree. The lounge holds a snug sofa, a clip-size rocking horse, along with a fireplace.

If it does not feel Christmas-sy enough yet, there are stockings hanging over the fire, barely visible to naked eyes. 

Although you may have trouble getting inside, you can book the house for 8 pounds a night, to make a donation for their charity.