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This Anonymous Blue Mascot Is Causing A Stir, Here's Why

Written By Daamini Sharma | Mumbai | Published:

In the world of social media, we can find lots of uplifting stories about heroes and these heroes can be anyone. However, in Hong Kong 'Anyone' happens to be a character created for the Hong Kong Fire Service to raise safety awareness. The mascot, clad in blue lycra from head-to-toe, was brought out in a press conference on Monday, much to cause shock and amusement to one and all present in the room.

Take a look:

Anyone aims to convey that anybody can help in emergencies as part of an online campaign on the Fire Services Department's Facebook page.

According to local reports, the character, named "Yam Hor Yahn", Cantonese for "anyone", was created to deliver the message that anyone can help in an emergency situation.

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However, 'Anyone' could not impress everyone. Some social media users did not like the 'appearance' of the mascot on Facebook, however, some of the users came to his defence. 'Anyone's' pictures quickly went viral, collecting 1.6k shares and numerous reactions.

The Department's first post featuring Anyone - a music video featuring a young man collapsing and the all-blue mascot stepping in to carry out CPR - has been viewed 494,000 times in five days.

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Anyone also sings a song to help the public remember what they can do if they find themselves in an emergency and need to give CPR.

"We hope residents will continue to follow Anyone's future moves," said Wade Wong Wang-leong, senior divisional officer from the Fire Services Department's new Community Emergency Preparedness Division told local news channel.

"Anyone is not a mascot or spokesperson - you and I are Anyone, who can help out in the community during emergencies," he added.