This Parrot Mimics Human Laughter And It's Hilarious, Watch Video

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Parrots are known for mimicking different kinds of sounds and in one such video a parrot named Korbell can be heard laughing like humans, more like a woman.

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Parrots are known for mimicking different kinds of sounds and for their ability to pick up and imitate everything they hear. A video of one such parrot is doing rounds on social media and is going viral for one simple reason, the parrot can imitate a woman's laughter. The video shows the bird laughing uncontrollably and sounding like a woman while doing it. According to reports, the video is of a parrot named Korbell who is currently resides in a sanctuary in California's Santa Clara county. 

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Parrot screams for help

As per reports, owner Ed Cordoza has a whole load of parrots in his sanctuary who can all scream and laugh like women. As far as Korbell is concerned, Cordoza says that the parrot laughs when she hears other people laughing and it is contagious as everyone listening to her laughter starts to laugh also. Just recently another video of a parrot went viral. In the video, a parrot can be heard screaming and shouting for help while an unnamed man can be seen fixing his wife's car before a group of police officers arrives at his residence. The officers in the video can be heard saying that they received complaints from the man's neighbour who said they heard a woman shouting for help. 

The man aware of the mix-up went inside and brought the screamer out following which the officers burst into laughter before leaving the premises. 

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In another incident, a video of a magpie mimicking the sound of the fire engine went viral on the internet. Australia was gripped by ravaging bushfires for the past few months with acres of land scorched. Marvin the magpie had seen so many trucks race past his nest that he could squeal like a fire engine. The unfortunate magpie was among the wildlife that had to leave the bushes after a fire engulfed many parts of the area. The 27-second video immediately went viral on social media with people feeling for the bird who lost her habitat in an unfortunate incident. 

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