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Tiktok's Chair Challenge Can Be Completed Only By Women, Video Gets Over Million Views

An interesting new TikTok challenge which is known as the 'chair challenge' has left many people shocked by how much better women appear to be at standing up.


An interesting new TikTok challenge known as the 'chair challenge' has left many people shocked by how much better women appear to be at standing up while simultaneously picking up a chair. A video was uploaded by fiancés Krystyna Sorrentino, 32, and Devin, 29,  who tried out their 'chair challenge' after they were bored on. The chair challenge requires a person to walk up to a wall and take two steps back with each step being the length of your foot before bending over 90° at the waist and placing their head against the wall. The person can place a chair underneath himself and attempt to stand up while holding the piece of furniture.

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Woke up with 1 million views

Footage of their attempt shows that Krystyna bending down to retrieve the chair and then fully standing up and that too on her first attempt. On the other hand, the challenge was a bit difficult for Devin as he struggles to maintain his balance and becomes stuck when trying to stand erect. Krystyna said that they tried the challenge on TikTok randomly out of boredom one night trying to figure out how to use the app. She added that the next morning they woke up with one million views. Many experts also indulged in to try and explain why men appear to be struggling so much with the challenge.

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US scientist Jeremy Johnson describes reason

US scientist Jeremy Johnson wrote a blog post describing many girls can successfully complete this challenge, while most boys cannot. He said that its all due to the centre of mass. The center of mass for most of the girls is lower to the hips while the center of mass in boys is much higher. Meanwhile, Professor Brian Ford at Cambridge University came up with a different conclusion believing the size of men's feet might have something to do with it. He said that men have longer feet than women. He said that the larger feet result him to stand farther from the wall than the woman.

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