Toddler Cooks Indonesian Dish Nasi Goreng For His Little Sister

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A video showing an elder brother cooking the Indonesian fried rice also known as Nasi Goreng for his younger sister is being deemed 'adorable' by the netizens

Written By Aanchal Nigam | Mumbai | Updated On:
Nasi Goreng

A video showing an elder brother cooking Nasi Goreng, the Indonesian fried rice, for his younger sister is being deemed 'adorable' by the people of the internet. The viral clip with more than 4.1 million shows the little sister sitting beside the pan and patiently waiting for his brother to complete the cooking. The 'responsible' brother then serves the dish in two bowls and feeds his hungry sister too. The video, shared on Twitter by a user on September 12, has warmed hearts of all netizens. 

The little chef

The video that has been watched for 4.27 million times, shows the little chef first putting eggs into the black pan and knowing exactly how to proceed with the dish. After the eggs, he takes the spoon from his sister's hand and stirs the eggs. He is then seen bringing ingredients one by one. Before putting vegetables in the pan, he also gives a bite to his sister and eats one himself. He then adds rice, mixes the ingredients in the pan thoroughly. Throughout the clip, the sister also blossoms with happiness towards the end, when the dish is almost complete and his brother pours it in two bowls to feed themselves. The sister also points towards the camera and signals a 'thumbs-up'.

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'Chef is the bomb'

The video has gained unexpected popularity in a very short span. A Twitter user went on to say that the "little sous chef is the bomb". Another internet user said that she wants to hug the boy for how responsible he is being towards his younger sibling. While most people just appreciated the brother's efforts and his sense for responsibility, others also had varied video saying that there's no denying the fact that the video is heartwarming and beautiful, however, also pointed out that the elder brother "doesn't get to be a kid". 

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