Turkey President Promises To Not Let ISIS Leave North East Syria

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Turkey president, Recep Erdoğan, promised to not let any member of the extremist group, ISIS, leave the eastern part of Syria amid concerns of other countries

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Turkey president promises to not let ISIS leave north east Syria

Turkey president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, promised to not let any member of the extremist group, ISIS, leave the eastern part of Syria with concerns of foreign countries over Turkey's military action in the war-ravaged country. While speaking to an international media outlet, the Turkish president added that he was surprised about how his western counterparts were worried about Turkey's stance on eliminating the militant fighters.

Turkey's stance on eliminating ISIS

Recep also stated that the countries who are trying to teach his country on how to tackle ISIS, are the same ones who failed to stop the extremist group when they were on a constant rise a few years back in 2014 and 2015. 

The United States of America, imposed sanctions on Turkey as it was seeking an end to the ongoing military conflict in Syria, blaming its NATO ally for putting citizens in danger and giving way for the terrorists to enter terror hit areas.

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Kurdish authorities stated that the attack by Turkey makes it very difficult for them to maintain peace and security in the detention camps. The officials also added that 800 members of ISIS got away from a camp at Ain Issa, and five other terrorists broke out of another jail on October 11.

'Fundamental targets were militants'

In events that preceded this, reportedly 16 individuals holding ranks in the Kurdish driven Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) alongside six different soldiers were killed and another 33 harmed, as Turkey continued with an airstrike on the northeastern part Syria. Turkish planes and huge weapon shells struck 181 people over the affected zone after U.S. President Donald Trump appeared to give the green light for the specific activity.

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The Defense Ministry of Turkey expressed that its fundamental targets were militants, including people from the People's Protection Units (YPG) state armed force that acts as strong support for the SDF. As Kurdish-backed powers moved towards the north, all tasks against the Islamic group, ISIS, in Syria had been put to a stand-still and because of this, the activists could coordinate various suicide attacks in the city of Raqqa. This brought about the experts being worried about the way that this assault will go forward as an ideal escape for detainees to escape from various holding facilities.

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