Two Iranian Missiles Hit Ukrainian Passenger Jet, New Video Surfaces

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Video showing the Ukrainian airliner getting hit by Iranian missiles before crashing into the ground has surfaced, according to international media reports.

Written By Riya Baibhawi | Mumbai | Updated On:

A video purportedly showing the Ukrainian airliner getting hit by Iranian missiles before crashing into the ground has surfaced. The security camera footage which was first reported by US media shows double projectile gliding through the sky before hitting the plane. The Ukrainian airliner crashed on January 8 killing all the 176 passengers on board. 

Missile hit plane's transponder

According to the video, the plane was hit by two Iranian missiles within a gap of 30 seconds. According to international media, the first missile hit the plane’s transponder which explains the reason behind the plane’s communication failure. Following the first missile, another missile eventually hit the Boing aircraft bringing it to the ground. 

The video is consistent with the US and Uk officials who confirmed that the Boeing aircraft was destroyed by an Iranian missile. For days, Tehran had denied the claims of hitting the aircraft but it came clear on Saturday after the Revolutionary Guards Aerospace Commander Brigadier General Amirali Hajizadeh acknowledged that a missile operator mistook the aircraft for a cruise missile and attacked it. 

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Another footage which was shot from a rooftop in Bidkaneh has emerged. Bidkaneh is a village four miles away from the Iranian military site. The blurry clip shows the plane on fire circling back to Tehran’s airport before crashing and exploding minutes later, international media reported. The man who shot the video has been detained by the Iranian officers. On Tuesday, Iranian officers also arrested people for the accidental firing however it is still unclear how many have been arrested. 

Meanwhile, Britain, France and Germany say they are triggering a dispute mechanism that is part of the nuclear deal with Iran over its failure to live up to terms of the pact. The leaders of the three nations said in a statement Tuesday that they’ve been “left with no choice, given Iran’s actions, but to register today our concerns that Iran is not meeting its commitments.″ The group says it referring “this matter to the Joint Commission under the Dispute Resolution Mechanism, as set out” in the nuclear deal.

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